Leggindary is a fashion label specialised in leggings, that was reopened in october 2015 by Doris Strasser. The idea was born in the summer of 2012 by Caro and Kathi. Extraordinary leggings in two lengths an two waists is the passion, aim to create a high quality product that is designed in Vienna. All Leggindary leggings are designed by the label founder herself, and sewed in Vienna & Europe. That makes all of my leggings a uniquely handcrafted piece. The fabrics used are purchased from Austrian and Italian distributors.

Leggindary offers a wide range of different styles and designs. I want to create as many unique, colourful, extravagant and extraordinary leggings as possible. All my leggings are unisex and offered in two lengths (7/8 or long) and two waists (low or high). On the HP you will find three main categories: “basic” includes all styles with printed or single coloured fabrics that are made of one material and “design” stands for more extraordinary creations in a combination of different fabrics and materials.

One of my main inspiration while drawing are designs from movies, so you will find for example Catherine Tramell (Basic Instinct), Alabama Whitman (True Romance), Mathilda (Léon: The Professional) and Rachael (Blade Runner) amongst others in my style categories.

It´s my philosophy to create unusual and individual designs, not mass products. That`s why all of my leggings are limited editions. Don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any requests – i´ll try my best to make you an suitable offer: leggings@leggindary.com. That way the diversity of my designs meets the different individual styles of my customers. I´m constantly looking for new fabrics and updates.

Leggindary aims to bring exclusive design into everyday life – i want you to feel comfortable with my product, no matter if you are going out to dance, to a yoga lesson or just hanging around at home with friends. The materials used guarantee a perfect fit for each occasion – every day and all night long.

Wear them like tights, wash them gently with 30 degrees and follow care instructions on the product label.

Additional to my leggings you will also find other jersey clothes like a basic shirt collection and accessoires. Come and visit us in the 3rd district of vienna!

Im always happy and proud to work in cooperation with artists and designers who will add their own personal touch to Leggindary leggings.